I’m a romantic. But, of course if you’ve been reading this blog for long, you already knew that. And so many times when I come home with a great find from a thrift store or antique market, I wonder to myself about the story behind it. Who did it belong to? Where did they get it? What was the occasion? I’ve yet to get an answer from anything so far.

But, just a couple weeks ago I stopped at a roadside sale & bought this antique mirror for the bargain price of $8. It needed work, but I loved the true antique look of the mirror & the detail in the frame, so it came home with me.

I wanted this white, but the paint on the mirror was so thick, it needed to be stripped in order to retain any of the detail. So I removed the backing off of the mirror & found quite a surprise. There, sandwiched between the mirror & its backing was an old section of newspaper from my city, dated June 10, 1963.

When I unfolded it, I noticed the wedding announcements. My guess is that one of the women pictured was the owner of this mirror. Was it Nancy? Evelyn? Barbara Sue? Ramona? Who knows? But my mind started to wonder as I worked on the mirror.

To remove the old paint, I used this spray-on Handi-Strip from Lowes. I highly recommend using the mask & gloves if you use this stuff, by the way.

I followed the directions, spraying it on, letting it sit for a few minutes, scraping, then repeating the process.

As I sprayed, I continued to wonder. Maybe the mirror was a wedding gift. Or MAYBE the owner of the mirror was not one of the brides at all, but a victim of unrequited love. Maybe she had been hopelessly in love with one of the grooms in the article, and just maybe he chose Barbara Sue instead. And maybe she hid this newspaper in her mirror for years as a reminder of a love that was never to be. Or MAYBE the fumes from the paint stripper were getting to me.

Either way, I let the frame dry out, & a couple days later, I sprayed the stripped frame with a few fresh coats of flat white.

And here it is now– perfect in my daughter’s room. Whatever its story was before I don’t know, but I do know it has a great life now.

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