If you were anywhere near my blog last week, you heard the news that Lola’s room for the One Room Challenge is done!  One of her favorite parts in the room?  Her desk and magnetic memo board!  (And the reading nook, and the wall mural, and the string lights…) But let’s talk about the memo board!


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For inspiration for this project, I reached way back in my own archives to when I made Lily’s magnetic chalkboard.  Anyone remember that?  It still pops up on Pinterest now and then, and Lily still uses it all the time!  Click here to read the how-to!

You may remember that I used some special sheet metal from the plumbing department at Home Depot for that project.  Well, I used that same kind again for this one!  It’s also sold for great prices on Amazon here in various sizes and types.  Just make sure the metal is magnetic (not aluminum).

Because I hoard empty frames (among other things), I already had the perfect 16×20 frame I wanted to use.  I just wanted it gold, so I sprayed it with this Krylon Brass Metallic spray paint and it was just right.





So I measured the metal to the exact size of the frame opening…







Then I cut it very carefully using tin snips.  Be sure to use gloves or some kind of cloth to handle this metal when cut.  It can be very sharp and will cut you!






Once the metal was cut, I was ready to wrap it with the fabric I had chosen.  This project will work best with a fabric that’s not too thick, so the magnetic field will not be weakened through the fabric.  Just check it beforehand if you’re not sure.

I chose a white cotton with tiny gold dots from Hobby Lobby.  Since my board was only 16×20, I only needed a half yard, and still had some left over.




Using a hot glue gun, I just wrapped and glued the fabric all around, pulling it tightly to make sure it was smooth on the face of the board.








When it was all finished, I used my staple gun and staples to secure the metal into the frame.





For some extra sparkle, I made some jeweled magnets with some magnet discs glued to some jewels from the paper crafting aisle at Hobby Lobby.







And that’s it!  Such an inexpensive way to get a custom memo board designed for a specific space!  Just what we were needing for Lola’s desk.  I hope you like it, too!



Here’s a supply list with quick links for items you may need for this project!

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Sheet Metal

Open Frame

Fabric of your choice

Tin Snips

Hot Glue Gun

Staple Gun