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Yay! The One Room Challenge I’ve taken on in Lola’s room is making some progress, so I’ve been cleaning things out, taking some last shots of the room as it is, and picking out some new stuff!  Here’s what I’ve been busy with this week:

First- a new chandelier! This is the current one we have, which we hung when we built, and it has always been a little small for this room…



So, I went on the search for one that would be more to scale, and found this one.  (How did I survive before Amazon Prime?)  It has rave reviews, and I think it’s going to be the perfect size.  It’s due to arrive tomorrow, so I will let you know how I like it!




I also scored this desk lamp from Target, which is on sale this week for 25% off!  It had me at the gold tones and marble base.


And speaking of marble, we also found these awesome faux marble shelves at Home Goods to hang over the desk!  They’re gorgeous, and I think they’ll be perfect.  Can’t wait to get them hung and style them!




(Here’s a better angle to show the top.)







Another item checked off the list was choosing paint colors!  For the main part of the room, I’m going with my favorite pale gray, Silver Strand.  I have this in my dining room and my master bath, and I love it, so I didn’t want to gamble with perfection.






The tricky part is that I also had to choose colors for the big challenge in the room— a wall mural.  (Now that I said it, maybe I’ll get the nerve to go through with it!  AHHHH!)  This will be a first for me, but I’m going to give it a try.  I have the perfect picture of it in my mind, so now I just have to get it on the wall.  Easy, right?  It’s either going to be just right or a total disaster.  I guess we shall see!




And then there’s this space… I love this nook, and I’ve got a few plans for it as well. I will miss the popular awning window treatment I made for it (read about that here), but I’m excited about the new look it will get for this room.



We’re about to strip it down to a blank canvas again this weekend, so wish us luck and let the fun begin!  Linking up to the One Room Challenge link party here.  Check out the other participants for some great inspiration!