I love a zero dollar makeover almost as much as I love ice cream on a summer day. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I love to pin beautiful kitchens, so I sat down on a rainy day this week and took in some of that inspiration and then put it to work.

First, I borrowed the mirror I had in the piano room. And since I’ve got a thing for landscape paintings in a kitchen, I grabbed two of my favorite thrift store finds I had hanging in the guest room and hung them over the rangeshelf so we can all enjoy them in here for a while.

My secret for hanging thing over cabinets? These tiny command strip hooks on the inside of the cabinet (hung upside down to catch the string)! Works perfectly.

This is just the little change I was looking for to switch things up a little.

Remember the landscape painting I did here for the kitchen back in January? Well, it’s on the mantel in the piano room for now and I kinda like it in there too!

If this rain keeps up like it has this week, I may have this whole house re-arranged soon! Hope you’reenjoying your summer!

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