Honestly, I’d rather not talk about it, but in just a couple more months, my second child will be moving out of the house and into a dorm. (What?!) It seems like just last year that I was getting my son ready to go–oh, wait–that’s because I was! And so here I am again, and the one thing that’s different from Grant leaving, is that Abby and I have been spending a lot more time thinking about dorm room decor!

We’ve been pinning and gathering and shopping and browsing to see what we can find. And I know some of you are in the same boat! So, I’ve put together an inspiration board, complete with sources and links! Check them out and see if there’s something you are going to need!

1. First up are a few cute pillows, starting with this really cute volkswagen adventure pillow from here. Love the color!

2. Next is the pink pineapple pillow– great price and so cute! Click here to buy!

3. Another fabulous flamingo pillow at a fabulous price right here!

4. And speaking of flamingos– how cute is this pink flamingo LED light? Check it out here.

5. Call me crazy, but I am loving this palm tree lamp! It’s a specialty item, for sure, but a girl can dream, right? Read all about it here.

6. And every girl is gonna want a photo display for hanging all her favorite pics. I love this idea of lighted photo clips, and this is a great deal! Click here for more.

7. And absolutely essential for a comfy room are some cute and comfy sheets! This shade of pink is just perfect and comes in Twin XL! Click here for the link.

8. Great bedding is also a big deal! This is a classic look from Kate Spade– the Harbour Stripe. There is limited availability on the Kate Spade site, but you can check around and find some available on other sites as well. We love it! Click here for the details.

9. Every girl needs a little art that hits close to home! Abby is definitely wanting a little Tennessee to take with her. You have to check out the art from this Etsy seller to see all the states offered. Love!

10. A cozy throw will be perfect for wrapping up in to study. And I love this one with the palm leaves! It’s all right here.

11. Desk chair? Right here! I love this basic design and the great price of the SNILLE Swivel chair from IKEA. (Would this not be adorable with a vinyl monogram?) Check it out here.

12. A personal fan to keep cool is also essential, and I love this one in chic metallic. Great price and great reviews, right here!

13. And since you’re going to be doing a lot of paperwork, you might as well have cute desk accessories! Get it done with this adorable acrylic stapler and tape dispenser set!

14. Welcome new friends to your room with a little pineapple welcome print. Love this one from this Etsy seller.

15. And for a touch of cute in the bathroom, how is this adorable curtain? I love it and it’s a great deal available here.

Hopefully this gives you a little inspiration for your dorm decor search! No matter whataccessories or linens or tchotchkes you find, the best part of the room will bethe laughterand memories with roommates and friends. And I hope youhave plenty ofthat as well!

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