Say it isn’t so, my dears! Can it really be the end of Downton Abbey?!! I am so going to miss these people, who have drawn us in through the years with their soft speech, sharp wit, and dreamy wardrobes and settings. Not to mention the endless drama flowing up and down the stairs!

As I’m often known to do, I had to chalk out my feelings about this whole ordeal and set out a little party to make me feel better. Anyone else planning a little get-together to say farewell?

This farewell chalkboard is available to download here!

And for a few other displays of English affection, I pulled out my little paper Union Jacks I made years ago for my British Tea Party! They’re so easy to make with just patterned paper and glue.

You’d be surprised how many times they’ve been used over the years! Click here for a few more ideas from my British Tea Party.

Meanwhile, let’s all try to be calm and handle this farewell with propriety, like Granny would. Falling to pieces in public is just so vulgar, you know.

In the words of Lord Grantham,

“If this is it, just know I have loved you very, very much.”