Despite the busy-ness of our lives over the past few months, we finally finished Abby’s room makeover, and we think it turned out to be pretty magical! I usually have the “majority vote” when it comes to decorating my kids’ rooms and everyone ends up living happily ever after, but this time, Abby was in on all the planning and we came up with this design together. I call it “grown-up Disney with Kate Spade flair”!

If you’ve been reader for a while, you may remember that her old room was Disney as well! (Have I mentioned she’s a mega Disney fan?) Here are a few shots of the before…

There were a few elements that she loved and wanted to keep, like her Dollar Store Disney gallery wall, which she made herself. (Click here to see the original post.)

We did replace the bright red bookshelf with this curvy white wood one we found at TJ Maxx.

And the bedding is this set by Emily and Meritt from PB Teen.

The throw pillows were another awesome score. We found the two Kate Spade “This is the Life” script pillows for only $9.99 each at TJ Maxx! And the gold metallic was a great deal from Home Goods. Remember when I posted about the thrift store headboard makeover here?

We kept her original paint color (Morning Sun by Sherwin Williams), and just wall-papered one accent wall. The wallpaper was a labor of love between Abby, and my husband and I, but it turned out exactly the way we had envisioned. It’s a custom design that we came up with and had printed at High Resolutions. When it comes to wall murals or custom wallpaper, the possibilities are endless with them! Visit their site here to learn more.

Maybe you noticed how the birds lend themselves to the Cinderella theme. Speaking of which, if you follow me on Instagram, you may remember when I tried my hand at this Cinderella concept art…

Well, Abby was happy with them, so we framed them in some great frames I found that held some original (not-so cute) dog prints!

After months of searching, we finally found the perfect mirrored side table at Home Goods! I love the little shelves under the drawer.

And the blue glass jar is actually a lamp! Another awesome deal we found at TJ Maxx.

Her desk is the one she’s had since she was a little girl–one of the earliest furniture makeovers I ever did. The shelf is IKEA’s Ekby Osten and the brackets are their Ekby Valter. I sprayed the brackets in my favorite Krylon Gold Foil Metallic (affiliate link here). The two mirrors were another TJ Maxx find (are you seeing a trend here?)! We have some plans in the works for one more project to go over the desk. Hopefully that will be coming soon.

This unicorn lamp is a new item from Target, and although it would be a stretch to connect it to the Cinderella theme, Abby insisted the room would not be complete without it. I have to agree.

The curtains are these Heritage Landing Lined Curtain Pair in Ivory from Kohl’s. (They don’t look great in the photo on their site, but they are beautiful in person, and a great buy as well.)

On the other walls, Abby has her own chalkboard, which she made and also chalked herself…

And yet another gallery wall with a few of her favorite collected items…

She displays her collection of Disney Trading Pins on this little canvas she painted.

The fur ottoman is a super-fun, yet functional piece I DIY’d in less than an hour and posted all about here. So easy!

And the one request that she has been dreaming of and pinning for months is twinkle lights! You didn’t notice them? That’s because they’re tiny and hidden! We found the perfect “curtain” strand of tiny lights that hang right over the blinds, so you can barely see them unless they’re turned on at night. They even have multiple functions for twinkling, staying on, or fading on and off. Click here to order yours for your favorite girl. She’s guaranteed to love them!

So there you go! A lot of details in this room, but they all work together to reflect Abby’s style.

So, my plan of re-doing my kids’ rooms right before they leave for college continues, the goal being to make them always want to come home! It has worked like a charm on my son (remember his room here?), and I’m pretty sure this will do the trick for Abby, too.

Because, after all, this house just won’t be the same without all this lovely…

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