On this Easter, and every day of your life, my hope is that you live in the miraculous presence of Christ. It’s so amazing that the Savior died for us, but it’s that He lives that is truly astounding. I’ve been blessed to have learned this truth so early in my life. And it’s this very truth that has sustained me through very difficult times.

You may remember that it was the day before Easter of last year that my precious dad died. I will be writing more about how this past year has been without him, but I can barely mention his death without also mentioning the presence of God in every detail. It’s because Christ lives that I know my dad lives in Heaven and I will see him again.

That’s why Easter is such a glorious day to celebrate. I hope you have had the blessing of knowing Christ in your own life. And if you haven’t, please contact me to know more.

Download this free chalk printable here for your Easter decor! And a very blessed Easter to all of you, friends!