According to our house plans, this room we use all the time is called the library. But, that seems a little pretentious for us, considering this room is just a humble space, full of our various (and sometimes pitiful) elements. Just like every room in our house, ithas evolved slowly over the years as we have gathered pieces from here and there and made it what we want it to be. It’s come a long way since the days when we first moved in! And since we’ve made even more progress in the last few months, I thought I’d share some with you.

Here’s how things have been in here for the past couple of years. My beloved ladder bookshelf…the old school maps…my dining table-turned desk… We loved it all, but it was time for some more shelf space, which was our original plan all along.

So, after searching and shopping, we finally decided on this industrial wood and metal bookcase we found here at With coupons and sales and Ebates on top of all that–it was a great deal!

It shipped quickly, and the assembly was pretty easy as well.

Of course, I didn’t do too much of the assembly myself, but I did my part to supervise. (Thanks, Honey!)

We’ve done enough furniture assembly now to where Dave has it down to a science. One of his best time-saving tips for assembling pieces like this which require an allen wrench (or a hex key), is to make a hex tool drill bit by cutting off the right angle of a hex tool with a hack saw.

Then, using a quick change conversion chuck for the drill (Dave has this one, but there are other brands and types available), you can use the hex bit to fit your drill.

Saves tons of time not having to crank them all by hand!

Even though I miss my ladder, I love how the bookcase looks in the room, not to mention the extra styling and storage space. Plus, it still works well with the maps.

The office chair is this Kingston Desk Chairfrom Ballard Designs which we were able to score at the Ballard Outlet last year.

And another big change is the sofa we bought for more comfortable seating (a.k.a. Sunday naps for Dave!). It’s the Fulham Sofa from Home Decorators, in a light beige, which appears to be no longer available.

Other updates include my map of London pillow, a Marshall’s find I shared with my Instagrammers several weeks ago…

And a cuckoo clock that had belonged to my parents, which my mom gave me…

We still have our vintage wood file cabinet a friend gave us, and the thrift store chair I recovered in my favorite teal velvet. And for a funky new addition— the fur ottoman I found on clearance at Target.

Our gallery wall is still growing as well.

And our collection of various travel souvenirs and momentos from friends and family make up the rest of the decor in the room.

Some of the items were from my dad’s office, given to him by missionary friends from various countries. Very special!

It has definitely turned into a fun and functional room that reflects our personality and family history. It may never live up to the title of library, but it’s just how we like it. I hope you like it, too!

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