Yay for Valentine’s Day! And hearts and candy and all the good stuff. I’ve been crafting and collecting and getting the table set for this weekend for our annual family Valentine dinner when I’ll make this steak and a few more favorites everyone loves!

I bought a few new things this year, like this Be Mine banner from Marshall’s…

And some cute stickers and tags from the ever-popular Target Dollar Spot…

And of course, there’s wrapping paper again, which is always my favorite table covering.

I also pulled out my soda glasses for us to drink from this time and just stuck the napkin and straw in for a cute ice cream sundae effect!

I found the paper plates at Hobby Lobby, along with some mirrored heart stickers, which I stuck onto thin filament and hung from the chandelier for some dangling sparkle…

The LOVE marquee is the same one I used last year in this vignette.

Nothing too fancy or expensive, but still fun!

So, we’re ready to celebrate. We’re big on love in this family, as you may know. (I’m married to Mr. Romance,which makes us the perfect match.) And our annual Valentine dinner has come to mark some very momentous occasions these past few years. Like two years ago when my brother brought Brittany to meet the family for the first time. And now they’ve just celebrated their one month wedding anniversary!

And we will also be remembering last Valentine’s Day, when my parents were living with us because of my dad’s declining health, and how we ate together that night, laughing and loving– my dad complimenting me over and over on the steak and the decorations. It was our last meal that we would have before my dad’s stroke that night.

I’d be lying if I said it isn’t different this year. It’s another reminder of how my Dad’s not here and the difficult 10 months we’ve had without him. But, this day will also be a reminder that true love lasts. I’m choosing not to think only of the sadness from last year. I’m thinking about how much he loved this day and how he’d want us to keep celebrating like we always have. We cling to the fact thathe’s very alive in Heaven, waiting for us, and will see him again one day. True love lasts–even death can’t change that. And that is definitely reason to celebrate.