There’s something very unique about December 31st’s. They have a way of demanding that we choose a perspective. Some of us will choose to look behind and focus on the fact that the last few sands of another year are just about to slip through the glass.

Others of us are looking ahead, on tip-toes, with eyes wide open, wondering what the next day will set into motion for the 364 that will follow.

And some of us stand with one foot in front of the other, glancing over our shoulder and forward again, wondering “Did all those things really happen?”, hesitating to move forward, for fear that they could happen again.

And what’s more, on December 31st, we each add to our life story those pages the year has given us, written in the rich ink of experience, just for us, by a God who knows all. And even with the air of finality that blows past us each morning of December 31st, leaving us with the questions not yet answered, there’s a Voice that echoes stronger, “This isn’t the end.”

This is the lesson I’ve learned from 2015. These are the some of the words on the pages of my own recent history. There is so much more to life than just this life. There is an eternity of possibility and life so rich we wouldn’t even recognize it, offered to us from God’s hands, if we are willing to accept it. That’s what being a Christian is all about.

If you’re already a Christian, remember what you already know: no matter how hard this life gets, or how far our hopes may fall, it’s all so very small in comparison to the glorious future that awaits us, both in this lifeand after. If you’re not a Christian, but would like to know more, I’d love toshare all about it with you.

This year, my family and I walked my dad straight to the door of Heaven and then had to let him go in without us. We were there the very second before he saw the unimaginable. That moment will stay with me for eternity. It was God’s greatest gift to us in the hardest moments of our lives. And because my dad is now there, more alive than ever, I think of Heaven often. I know many of you feel the same way. That’s why my oldest daughter and I are re-reading this book called Heaven, by Randy Alcorn, so we can learn as much as we can about the place we’re heading and where people we love are living now. I highly recommend it for yourself or anyone whose loved ones are there. (Availablehere via this affiliate link.)

May your 2016 be happy, healthy, and all the wonderful things you hope for it to be. But even if it’s not, just remember, friends, it’s just the beginning. Thisisn’t the end!