If I had a dollar for every thing in this house I’ve spray-painted gold, well– I’d have a lot of dollars! But this latest victim isdefinitely one of my favorites. I’ve been searching and pinning and searching some more for awhile now for just the right gold lanterns to hang over our kitchen island, and when I found a super deal on these a few weeks ago at a Ballard Designs Outlet, I knew they were the ones!

These are the Piedmont 4-Light Lanterns, and I found two of them in Antique Bronze for approximately 75% off (eeek!) and decided I would take the risk and give them my gold treatment.

We thought we would just remove the glass and spray the frame, but the glass is pretty securely stuck, so my fabulous husband and faithful assistant did the tedious job of taping them all off. Then I handled the spraying!

Once again, I defaulted to my favorite Krylon Gold Foil Metallic. I always keep this on hand for whatever I might want to spray on a whim, and I was able to do these two lanterns with just one can!

Remember this tip when using this paint: it’s best used on pieces that will not be overly handled or receive a lot of wear. The finish is very reflective and prone to accepting fingerprints and also can leave your hands with a dark oily residue if you handle it a lot. It’s still perfect for light fixtures, picture frames, occasional furniture, and numerous other pieces. Probably not best for door knobs, plumbing fixtures, or things of that nature.

I wore rubber gloves when I was helping my handy man hang them, and it worked beautifully. (Notice my red face? These things are heavy!!)

Here’s a really fabulous shot of the before fixtures, since I forgot to take a better one…

This gives you a little idea of how they looked, in case you never noticed them before…

And here’s the after!

They’re bigger and brighter because they have 4 lights instead of the 3, and I think they’re much more fitting to the space.

And by the way- the gold paint looks perfect next to the brass finish of the chandelier arms inside and the hanging chain. I didn’t even have to paint those!

Do I have any fellow risk-taking spray-painters out there? It’s awesome, isn’t it? What have you sprayed lately?

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