For some reason, my motivation level for starting big projects is sitting near empty ever since school got out. Not having to be on a schedule is just so delightful! And since I’ve caught a whiff or two of freshly-sharpened pencils across the breeze recently, it’s all the more reason to squeeze every last drop out of summer.

I am proud, however, that I did get my girls’ bathroom mini makeover accomplished recently. If you didn’t catch that, you can see it here. And one of the perfectly summer-sized easy peasy projects in the room were the monogrammed lamp shades!

The old shades looked like this…

Those started out using this same process almost 6 years ago, but instead of the monogram, I painted the stripes and added the pom poms. They have served well for all this time, but with fading and outdating, we opted for a little change!

I used these great self-adhesive shades for the look, which can be found at craft stores or here on Amazon.

I also bought 12×12 textured card stock in white to cover them, and the iron-on monogram initials (also at craft stores).

The wax paper covering the adhesive on the shade doubles as a pattern, so it’s easy as pie to trace the shape onto the paper and cut it out.

Then. carefully stick the card stock onto the shade and use hot glue to hold the seam securely.

Then, with a light strip of the hot glue, stick on the large initial and each of the small ones.

Finish it up with a little trim on the top and bottom if you like it, and remember, thin ribbons and trim work best on lamp shades and are less likely to crinkle.

The girls and I love how theirs turned out and I hope you do, too! Now hurry up and finish this so you can get back to relaxing by the pool. Have you done any big projects this summer?