Somewhere in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, while browsing Pinterest like I so often do, I pinned a couple of pics of some adorable little puppies, showed them to my kids, and suddenly found myself with a full-on case of puppy fever.

When my 4 kids, who have begged, pleaded, and bargained for a dog for their entire existence, sensed my moment of weakness, they immediately initiated Operation Beg Dad Like Never Before, Before Mom Changes Her Mind.

And with just a little batting of my lashes, and a little “Are you sure you know what you’re getting into?,” Dave caved.

But one of the things I love about Dave is that if he’s in, he’s in. Once the decision was made, he got down to business, researching different breeds, calling around to find the right breeder, and gathering details.

Then, two days after Christmas, he loaded us up in the truck and drove us to the beautiful farm of an amazing woman who makes people’s doggy dreams come true.

About an hour before we arrived, these 4 little cuties were born, and we picked out our newest family member.

This is our little Yorkie Poo. And after much debate and lots of suggestions (most of which I ruled out immediately), we have decided to name him Scout.

We visited him at 2 weeks…

And now at 5 weeks…

And in just a few more weeks, there will actually be a dog living in our house. Pretty much everyone that knows us, including my kids, thought they’d never see the day. But, as my son said, “God is still in the miracle business.”

With all the changes going on in our lives right now, I have questioned whether this is a good idea or not, but something tells me this may be just what we all need.

We’re already crazy about him, and I think he’s going to fit this family perfectly.

(Yes, he fell asleep on Lola’s lap. It can’t even!)

So, now we have big decisions to make, like what color collar to buy him and where to find a super-cute doggy bed. If you have advice for me, I’m ready for it. But, encouragement only, please. This decision is made and we’re not turning back. Now, help!