It’s another Pray for Me Monday! It’s that time of the week when we get the chance to really connect. It’s been on these Mondays that some of you have entrusted some of the most fragile thoughts of your heart to me. And on this blog, there are times when I open the door, of not only my house, but of my life, and I entrust some of my most fragile moments to you.

In this house, you can chart the seasons by the chalk art on my walls. And at times, you can just as clearly see what’s happening in my heart because I chalk that out, too, for everyone to see.

This week, it’s Psalms 46:1. I know I already shared this verse last week on the Facebook page, but it’s on my mind night and day. I need this.

The only gift my mom asked the grandkids for at Christmas was for them to memorize and recite some of her favorite verses. This one was the first on the list. The irony was that, while they thought they were giving her a gift through memorizing it, they were the true recipients.

The words are now hidden in our hearts, so when trouble does come, we are reminded. It is God who is with us. He is our strength when we have none. He gives us the ability to do hard things.These past several days, we’ve relied on this. We have recently learned that my dad’s 12-year struggle with cancer will soon end. Now, as always, we are fully aware that it is God who holds our lives in His hands.

We will never be able to count the ways that God has been gracious to us. He has extended my dad’s life 12 years longer than we expected when we first heard the word “cancer”. My dad has seen 5 granddaughters born in those extra years,and influencedcountless others with His Christ-honoring life during that time.

And even now, God has been so gracious to us to give us these special days, where we can live in awareness that life is short, precious. Days for my dad to counsel us on how to let him go. And laugh with us as we remember how wonderful our lives are together. And cry with us because it’s so very hard.

So, even though I started Pray for Me Monday so I could pray for you all, I’m asking again if you’ll pray for us. Pray for my dad. He is living his life to the fullest right now, as he always has–a smile always on his face. Pray for my mom-it’s hard to let go of someone you’ve loved since you were 18. Pray for my sister and brother who are the only other 2 people who know what it’s like to be blessed with having him for our dad. Pray for my kids and nieces–they adore him. Pray for his very dear church, who had to learn yesterday that their Pastor may be leaving for Heaven soon.

And please pray for me. I love this man. If helived to be 99, it would be too soon to lethim go.

Thank you for being here when I have to write the hard things. I have shared my dad’s story all along because I want you to have the benefit of being influenced by him, too. You all have been a wonderful support to me. I thank you for that, and Iknow I will continue to need you in the days ahead.

The Psalms 46:1download is here if you’d like this reminder for yourself. And as always, if you have a prayer request today, please let meknow.