Yes, it’s April, but we could also call this Spring Wreath Awareness month. With all the gorgeous wreaths in the stores and on Pinterest, maybe you’ve been thinking it’s time your door got some attention, too. Well, this is just a reminder that you can easily make a wreath in your own style and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Just to prove my point, I dressed up my basic DIY green wreaths in 3 different styles for Spring and each design was $8 or less! And each of these designs took less than 5 minutes to do. These ideas would work with any basic green wreath. Click here for my easy tutorial for my favorite all-season green wreath and click here for my tip on hanging a wreath without damagingyourdoor!

For each of these designs, I started with a bow made from this gold polka dot ribbon from Hobby Lobby. I bought it on sale, so it was only $2, and I used the whole spool to make one fluffy bow. Click here for a quick tutorial on a basic bow.

The first wreath is a simple floral in a bold pink.

But, rather than buy several individual stems, it was a better price to buy this little bunch, also on sale at Hobby Lobby. This bunch included a large peony, a dahlia, a rose, and a hydrangea along with a little more greenery, for only $6.

Since I had already wired on my bow, I just cut the stems apart with wire cutters and stuck them into the wreath. Just like the original greenery, the stems will hold just fine when stuck through the grapevine base.

And as easy as that, you’ve got a bold pop of color.

My second version is a Spring classic with a little bird nest and some pink flowers.

Again, very affordable since I got the flower bunch on clearance for $4. The nest was one I already had, but they can usually be found for a few dollars at craft stores.

For this one, I didn’t even cut the flower stems apart. I just stuck in the whole bunch above the bow, added the nest, and it was done!

The idea for the last one came from my friend Denise, who was with me while I was shopping for and doing this project. I loved this butterfly wreath she recently made for her own house…

So I did a version on my wreath…

This one was the easiest and cheapest of all because all I used were these butterflies which were only $3.99, plus I got 40% off with my coupon from Hobby Lobby!

The wired butterflies are so cute because they just hover all around the wreath!

So if yourdoor is not yet dressed for Spring, maybe one of theseideas will inspire you to give it a new look.

And I’ve got to decide which of thesechoices I’m keeping for our doors!

Which is your favorite?