Dear Spring,

It seems you may have missed the memo, but you were supposed to be here by now. Winter only has one foot out the door here in Tennessee and is refusing to leave until you show up.

Maybe you thought we weren’t ready for you since I hadn’t done much around the house to welcome you yet, but I’ve been doing a little sprucing, bought a few new things, and I assure you, now we are ready and waiting for your visit.

Thanks to Marshall’s and TJMaxx, I found some great new gold metallic pillows for the cowhide chairs…

And the florals were just the pop of color I was looking for on the sofa…

The boxwood urns were another great find from Marshall’s. And with a vase full of mixed faux florals that I had in my stash, I think you’re going to feel right at home when you get here.

You may remember a few items I’ve used to welcome you in years past, like my Anthro-inspired floral vase and monogrammed chalkboard, and they are in their places and will be happy to see you again as well.

Honestly, I’ve kinda put myself out there with a bolder look than I’ve used in the past, and I guess I owe the inspiration to you.

So, if you will kindly show up, my clothes will thank you, my sandals will thank you, but most of all, I will thank you.


Sick of Snow and Worn out With Winter


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