Some big changes have been happening in the Piano Room recently, and contrary to my typical decorating style, they’re a little trendy. I’ve waited patiently for a few years now for just the right chairs to go by the fireplace and a few months ago, my husband and I bit the bullet and ordered some.

What’s that you say? Looks like a basic neutral chair to you?

Well, take a look from a different angle and then tell me what you think.

Bold? Trendy? Wacky? Maybe a little of all three.

These are a little out of character for me, since I love a good neutral piece of furniture that I can switch up with pillows and throws, but a girl’s gotta be bold sometimes, I’ve learned. And with my husband trying as hard as he could to talk me into it, I had to say yes. I had been drooling over this piece from Horchow for a while, but since I haven’t quite made it to the big time yet, it was just a little out of my price range.

And then we discovered some chairs in a local furniture store that we could customize ourselves. The zebra fabric wasn’t an option, but the cow print turned out to be even better I think, especially because it feels a little more home-y here in Tennessee. It’s actually not real cowhide, but a great quality fabric that looks very close to the real thing. It even feels real! The front of the chair is a linen herringbone, and the two fabrics turned out to be a great combination.

The chairs are manufactured by the Sam Moore Furniture Company and they are the Burke Wing Chair. Click here for more info and to find a retailer near you. If you’re from East Tennessee, I can give you the local store we ordered from as well. Just be prepared to wait for a few (or ten) weeks. Custom design orders can take a little time.

As for other changes, remember my new set of tables I got before Christmas? Still loving them, but I had to give them a little “lightening up” because I was feeling they were blending in a little too much with the dark floors.

So I removed the mirrors, gave them a 10-minute spray job with my favorite Krylon Gold Metallic, and voilá–I think it helped… (If you’re looking for these tables, they’re from Overstock. Click here to order, but don’t forget to sign up here for Ebates for an extra percentage off!)

Some of you will be thrilled to know that I am searching for a rug for this space as well. (I know the bare floors have bothered some of you for a while now!) If I ever find just the right one, I’ll let you know! Meanwhile, I’m ready to get this room styled for Spring! Anyone else suffering from Spring fever?

P.S. Wall color in this room is Sherwin-Williams’ Rainwashed. (My most-asked question on the blog.)

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