My daughter, Abby, is a Disney fan. And that’s actually an understatement of epic proportions.

That’s her in her favorite place, smiling from Minnie ear to Minnie ear, hitching a ride on her brother’s back.

If you love Disney, you have a friend in Abby. So, I wasn’t surprised when she recently told me she wanted to update her room in Disney style.

I really did hate to see the butterfly tree go (remember when I posted about it way back here?)

But, we replaced it with a gallery wall of Disney silhouettes, and I think it suits Abby to a “T”.

I can’t really take too much credit for this, since I all I did was give Abby the idea. She was the one who did all the work.

We found these perfect plain gold frames at the Dollar Tree, so that saved us the step of gold spray painting.

And Abby was the one who searched online for the silhouettes and then cut out each one meticulously from black card stock with an X-acto knife (she’s good). And the patterned scrapbook paper made for a background that’s practically perfect in every way.

The whole gallery wall was less than $15 since it was all just paper and frames. And I’ve already bought enough of these frames for another gallery wall, too. Because you can never have enough gallery walls, right?

While I’ve never been the type that loves mass-produced character décor for my kids’ rooms, I do love a cute theme displayed creatively throughout a space. Abby has done most of the decorating in this room herself, and I love that it really reflects her personality.

Her Pez collection adds a great punch of color.

And her favorite princes have their ownshelf, as well.

As you may have guessed, Peter Pan is her favorite. Remember her Peter Pan skirt from last summer? I told you she’s crazy about Disney. And I’m pretty crazy about her.

Stay tuned for one more little project we just did for this room coming soon. And for more posts about Abby’s room, click here.

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