We’ve had a relaxing Spring Break at home this week, with plenty of time for a few fun projects around the house. One of those projects was this gold fringe chalkboard banner we added to Abby’s teen girl Disney room. This would be so fun for parties, and since the pennants are mini chalkboards, the messages can be changed to whatever you want!

We made this one in less than an hour and for just a few dollars. All you need for the fringe banner is some cording cut to the length you want the banner, and some gold tissue paper.

You’ll need a double layer of tissue, laid end to end lengthwise to get the length you want. We used 6 pieces of tissue for our 70″ banner.

To construct the banner, place the cording across the middle of the open tissue paper, leaving several inches past each end for hanging later. Squeeze a thin layer of hot glue across the paper, and then fold the first layer of tissue over the glue and cording, pressing it firmly.

Repeat with the second layer of tissue.

Next, move down the cording and repeat the process on the next section of tissue, overlapping the pieces slightly at the seam.

Once the tissue is securely glued all the way across, cut the fringe up to the glued area in approximately 3/4 inch strips, being careful to cut all 4 layers together.

For the chalkboard pennants, cut your desired number of pennants from (my favorite) smooth black poster board. Read more about this here.

Abby cut the poster board to approximately 4″x 5.5″ pieces.

To hang the pennants, use a thin twine or cording with some mini clothespins. I usually buy mine from Hobby Lobby, but you can also find them here.

Then, chalk out your message…

Clip the pennants to the twine and tie the twine securely to the fringe banner.

That’s it! I hope you can use this for your own parties and décor. The variations and possibilities are endless!

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