I’m not sure why it’s a recurring theme around here that I start a room with a plan in mind, then somehow it changes somewhere along the way and the room ends up looking nothing like the original idea. Doesthis happen to anyone else or am I the only one?

My latest project is our Master Bedroom. I’ve been contemplating a different design direction for a little while now, but didn’t want to spend a lot to get there (as usual). Here’s how it has looked since the day we moved into the house…

I do like a minimalist look sometimes, but I decided I was ready for some color in here.

It all started the day I found a great deal on some cute curtains. Since there are 8 very long windows in the room, getting them covered for a good price is the biggest hurdle. So, I ordered the curtains, then proceeded to spend the next several days ordering a rug, pillows, a desk, and several other pieces, all based on the design foundation of the curtains.

Fast forward to 8 days later when I’m expecting to see the curtains arrive at my door at any time, and I get an email stating that my order has been cancelled due to the curtains being out of stock. What?! They didn’t know that the day I ordered them?!

So, it was on to Plan B, which you will see below. This was my second attempt at curtains, which cost a little more than the first ones, but I was getting desperate, so I paid it, only to find out when the large box arrived that the curtains were no where near the black and ecru color pictured online, but rather a deep khaki and black which would definitely not work with my master plan.

So, with the hope that the 3rd time would be a charm, I finally chose the IKEA Marmorblad curtains in the plan below which cost a whopping $14.99 PER PAIR! I’m still giddy over the price. And with a little creative engineering, I got them to the length I needed. And now I am loving them way more than the first 2 choices after all.

So, that’s the plan for now. And the moral of the story is, if your first and second plans don’t work out, don’t freak out because usually the third plan is better anyway. And it could even end up being a lot cheaper.

So, which plan do you like better? If it’s the first one, don’t tell me because it’s too late now!

And stay tuned, because I’m slowly getting it together and I’m hoping to have it done within a couple weeks. That is– if the plan doesn’t change again!