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School Music Room Makeover

I recently shared this little sneak-peek of our school’s music room makeover with my fabulous Facebook followers, and from just this little pic, so many of you commented, texted and emailed the sweetest compliments. And I just wanted to say–I’m so glad you like it! I finally took the time to get the rest of…

Color Palette and Textures For Melody’s Master Bedroom

In case you haven’t been here in awhile, all the talk around here lately has been the Update My Space Contest, and now that we have a winner, it’s time for me to get busy! Plans are already underway to get Melody’s Master Bedroom transformed from this… to something a little more up-to-date. My vision…

Master Bedroom Design Plan: Takes One, Two, and Three

I’m not sure why it’s a recurring theme around here that I start a room with a plan in mind, then somehow it changes somewhere along the way and the room ends up looking nothing like the original idea. Doesthis happen to anyone else or am I the only one? My latest project is our…

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