…They’re not just some wise words sung by Peter Brady in his awkward adolescent years. They’re also pretty good advice when it comes to decorating. And since we’ve spent a few days at home being snowed in, I’ve been doing a little rearranging myself around here.

If you start to feel a little blah about a certain space in your house, instead of rushing out to shop, remember–shop your own house first! The good part about this is, you’ll be pulling from a collection of things that are already your own taste. Plus, you’ll be saving money by using what you already have.

If you need a little inspiration to get you started, check out your own Pinterest boards to see what has caught your eye in the past. I love pinning great kitchens, and after browsing through my Kitchens board, I decided I wanted a painting on my range shelf.

So, I borrowed the painting I normally have hanging over the piano and brought it into the kitchen.

Then, I replaced that one with a painting from my bedroom. And since this is only a temporary change, I won’t even miss it.

I did a little more rearranging for the entry table by replacing my previous boxwoods with some books and the moss urn I made back in this post. Nothing exceptionally fabulous, just a simple change of scenery.

And now the boxwoods are going on my seasonal cafe shelves, which I’ll finish up and show you later.

So, now I’ve got 4 newly-styled spaces and didn’t have to spend a dime. What needs rearranging at your house?

And one more thing! I’m a guest today over at 11 Magnolia Lane for their Operation: Organization Series.

Be sure to stop over and get someinspiration for all that organizing youneed to be doing. (Or is that just me?) See you there!

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