Once upon a time, we had a plan to put floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in our library.

Then, time went on and I found a rickety ladder in the basement and called it a bookshelf.

And then we kept finding better things to spend money on, like straight teeth for the kids and a family vaca to California.

Until one day not long ago, I finally realized that maybe I’d like it better without the bookshelves anyway.

I mentioned to Dave that maybe we should go with some map canvases like these I’ve always liked at Ballard.

And then we hit the jackpot just before Christmas on our little trip to Asheville I told you about. We stopped into our favorite Tobacco Barn Antiques and found some authentic old school maps in all their vintage glory.

They’re not all dated, but we estimate they’re from the early 40’s. We actually bought 4 of them, not sure how many we could actually fit on the wall. And since only 3 did fit, the 4th is going to a friend of mine who will definitely give it a good home.

So, with a little twine and my husband’s mad hanging skills, we now have a map wall in the library, looking’ like it was meant to be.

I wish I could capture the vibrancy of the colors on camera, but trust me, it’s just what the big blank sea of green needed.

They’re eclectically charming, yet classic and interesting.

Oh–and you can actually learn something from them, too.

So the design plan may have changed, but sometimes change is good. What do you think?

Click here if you’d like to see the evolution of this room andthe differentprojects we’ve done.

I’ve got a couple more projects going on in the library right now that I’ll share with you soon. What are you working on?

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