If you’ve seenmy latest arrangement of non-seasonal decor in the kitchen you may have noticed there’s no chalkboard in the mix. (I know– shocking!) But since I didn’t use one there, I had to have one on the cafe shelves.

So, I threw one in as the focal point of an otherwise traditional and classic look, once again with my own stuff from other parts of the house.

I bought the blue teapot and sugar and creamer years ago at The Bombay Co., and I really like them with the little willow tea cups and saucers that my aunt bought for my girls.

It’s nothing fancy, just a simple vignette with a little reminder of what matters. Just what I’m needing right now.

If you’d like a copy of this chalkboard art for yourself, click here to download and print an 8×10! Or visit my shop to get it printed on canvas!