I knew from the gasps when I pulled him out of the box that the family wasn’t going to be completely accepting of him.

And maybe it was a little creepy just having a head sitting there on the table.

But my latest find from Joss and Main was just right on the porch once I found him a nice green head of “hair”. They call it the Apollo Planter, but I call it a little shot of eclecticism for the screened porch.

It’s true– the kids have called him everything from “Freaky Face” to “Dead Guy”, but I think now he may be growing on them. I mean who couldn’t love a face like that?

He’s just a classic, yet unique piece of art for the screened porch. Totally harmless.

Okay, except maybe at night. He can be a little creepy at night.

What’s your latest find from Joss and Main?

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