Our guest room has a new occupant and I’m just a little excited about it…

This is Eduardo.

Sure, he’s got baggage. After all, in his previous life, he was a trunk.

He looked like this when my husband brought him home several months ago.

And even though he looked rough, we knew on the inside he was full of potential.

So, over the past few weeks, we decided to invest a little time in him and see what he could become with a little T.L.C.

We waxed him up on the outside…

And removed all the junk from the inside…

Then Dave made him a nice new liner and cut some shelves to fit…

And I got busy painting and giving him some new legs.

And when he was all done, he had become the perfect piece for our Vacation Cottage Guest Room.

And now Eduardo the trunk has become Eduardo the bookshelf.

And a very handsome bookshelf he is, too. (If I do say so myself.)

I love that his new interior gives him vintage charm,

And yet his well-traveled persona still shows through…

And even though he never told us much about his life as a trunk, he’ll be full of plenty of interesting stories from now on.

I think he’s gonna like it here.

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Sourcesand stories:
The liner for the trunk is a custom-printed piece Dave made (he’s in the graphics business), but fabric or wallpaper could be used for a project like this as well.
We bought the legs at Home Depot for around $3 each.
Shelves and legs spray-painted in Rust-oleum’s Satin Heirloom White.
Shutter above and items on the shelves were all thrifted or gifted.
Rug under the desk is this one from Ballard Designs.
Find more about all other pieces in the room in the previous guest room posts!