It’s the wonderful time of year to switch out those winter clothes and finally bring on the Spring, from head to toe. And for little girls, a big flower headband is a great way to enter the season.

You may remember these satin flowers I made for belts a while back. Well, I made a few more recently for headbands and I love how they turned out. Here’s the how-to in case you have some girly-girls who would like these, too!

To make the flowers, start with your favorite color of polysatin fabric.

Cut 3 to 4 circles from the satin ranging from about 2 inches up to about 4 or 5 inches.

To get the ruffled edges of the flower, light a candle and hold the edges of the circles near the flame. Be careful not to hold it too close because it can catch on fire.

When all the edges of the circles are slightly melted and “ruffled”, nest them together to form the flower and sew a few seed beads in the center.

Make a couple of leaves and melt the edges of those the same way.

For the headband, use a basic plastic headband and a strip of fabric cut large enough to wrap around the headband.

Then, use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the headband on the under side.

With a little more hot glue, attach the flower and leaf to the head band and it’s done!

Or, make a few smaller flowers and place them on in a bunch…

I made a few of them with a black and white striped headband as well. And I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

I had so much fun with these, I made them in every color.

And before anyone asks, the answer is Yes! –I made a few extra of these for my shop. And I’ll keep them in there for a limited time until I get tired of making them or until I run out of supplies. So, if you don’t want to make these yourself, click over to the shop and choose the headband and color combination you like!

Have fun with these! I’m sharing with a few of these friends.