I, for one, am really glad that succulents are still a big trend this year because they’re so low-maintenance and yet, they look great with pretty much any decor.

I’m not the best with house plants. I forget to water them, I’m never sure where they need to be, and I think they just know I’m no good at it. And no matter how determined I’ve been in the past to keep a cute plant, they never last. Until I met these.

Okay, I know this is not the prettiest-looking plant, but I had to show this because it’s one of the ones I had on my screened porch all summer last year. I haven’t touched this thing since August and it’s still got a lot of life in it. Once I clean it up a bit, I think we’re going to be good to go for another summer.

These are so simple to grow and there’s hardly anything to it, but if you’re a gardening novice, and you’re not sure how to start, here’s what to do.

Start with a plant like this Hen and Chicks pot I got at Home Depot for $3 or $4. This one was enough to fill my two urns.

Choose a container you like. I don’t even worry about using a container with a drainage hole because succulents require very little watering. This little urn was from Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars.

Just remove the plant from the pot and loosen the roots enough to carefully pull the plants out.

Fill the container with some of the soil and then just place some plants back into the soil on top.

The plants will sit loosely on top of the soil for up to a couple weeks until the roots re-establish themselves deeper.

As I said, they don’t require a lot of watering, just check on them every few days and add a little water when the soil dries out. They love the sun, so place them near a window and they’ll be happy.

I was in Nashville again this past weekend for my kids’ soccer games and I had just enough time to swing in to West Elm for a little while, too! They had a great display of succulents. So if you’re lucky enough to live near one of these stores, stop on in for some inspiration!