It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and decorate Easter eggs. A few minutes on Pinterest will prove that there are more ways to decorate an egg these days than the Easter bunny ever dreamed.

I picked out a few of my favorites to share with you. Click on the link below each one for the details…

1. Character Eggs. That pirate is so cute I could just eat him up. Literally.

2. Painted patterns. Okay, so these require a little talent. Click on the link to be inspired.

3. Embellish! Use some washi tape or paper embellishments to dress up dyed eggs. Pretty!

4. Dyed in Patterns. Love this technique!

5. Dyed and Speckled. These are super-easy and super-cute.

6. Hand-drawn. Amazingly simple, yet so sweet.

7. Glitter Polka-Dots. No messy glue required!

8. Googly-eyed Egg People. Kids of all ages would love these!

9. Silhouettes. I’ve seen these around a lot this year and I love how cute they are! Find a good tutorial here.

Our eggs are boiled and ready to go. Now to decide which technique to use! How will you decorate yours?