Like many of you, I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter for the past several days. I’ve spent time decorating a little, buying jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, and making sure every family member has their Easter outfit ready to go.

But more than all that, I’ve been thinking about Jesus. Who He is to me and who I hope He is to you. There’s an old song we used to sing at church when I was little called, “Everybody Ought to Know Who Jesus Is.” And I keep thinking about how true that is.

My husband and I recorded the History Channel’s Bible Series on our DVR and have been watching it a lot this week. Maybe you have, too. And although I’ve known the stories of the Bible all my life and seen many other movies and presentations, I’ve loved this one the most. It’s not completely accurate in the way we’ve known some of the stories and people, but it’s very close in most accounts.

I think I’ve especially loved the way this actor has portrayed Jesus. It’s so much like what I imagine He looks like. Kind. Beautiful. Loving.

images via The Bible, The History Channel

Easter Sunday night will be the finale of the series, including the crucifixion of Christ. The previews already have me trying to mentally prepare. It’s hard to read what Jesus experienced in dying for us, but even harder to watch it portrayed. He was God’s way of allowing us to know Him. It was a gift we’ll never fully be able to understand.

Whatever you’ve known of Jesus before, you should know this now: He’s the best friend you could ever have. He knows you by name and iswaiting for you to open your heart to Him. He’s the only way toreceive forgiveness of your sins and eternal life in Heaven. His love for you is unconditional.

This Easter, think about His life on earth and how He died for you. But even more, think of how He’s living now, and how much He wants you to know Him.

It’s true–everybody ought to know who Jesus is.


Happy Easter!

Luke 24:34 “…The Lord is risen indeed…”

If you want to know more, please contact me. And for more information on dates and times of The Bible Series, visit The History Channel.