So, if I’d like to pretend my Valentine cafe shelvesfrom this year were out of a scene from Downton Abbey, I’ll have to be honest with myself and say the kitchen décor turned out more like a kissing booth at the county fair. Don’t ask me how these things happen. I’m inspired by all kinds of crazy. And I like to keep my family guessing. The good news is, they like it that way.

I hope you are taking the time to add a little love to your décor for your family at Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget, it doesn’t take a lot of talent or moolah to make it special for them.

And I know I keep saying this, but this is another one of my easiest chalkboards ever… You really should try this!

And even if chalkboard typography doesn’t float your boat like it does mine lately, a sweet simple message speaks volumes.

And a few candies and cookies put out for display is just plain fun as well.

I made the fan flare garland and big picks with the same method I used here.

And most of the other items are just things I pulled together from around the house.

I hope this inspires you do to spread a little love around your home for your family this Valentine’s season! Remember: it’s the little things!

Sharing this with a few of these parties!