Handmade gifts are often the best. And they don’t always require a lot of time and effort. Sugar hand scrubs are the perfect example of that. Cute and practical, yet easy and inexpensive— make these for some last-minute gifts and spread some cheer.

I made these as a variation of the Lemon Sugar Hand Scrubs I posted about way back when. With just a couple extra ingredients, they become a great Christmas treat!

All you need is granulated sugar, some white or clear dish liquid or hand soap,some red sugar crystals, and somepeppermint fragrance. I found my peppermint oil at Hobby Lobby near soap making supplies, but I also found a good price on a high quality essential oil here. (It comes in severalfragrances as well!)

You’ll also need a few bottles or containers. I found these cute glass bottles at World Market, but they also carry some at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. Click here for a good deal on a cute set I found on Amazon, for those of you who want to order online.

Just like the original recipe, you mix 3 parts granulated sugar to one part hand soap. Then, add the fragrance a little at a time to be sure it’s not too strong. Lastly, stir in a little red sugar for some color.

Then, just pour it in your bottles, add a little label, and it’s done!

If you’ve never tried this before, make some for a gift or for yourself! They make a perfect hostess gift or party favor, too. They’re fun to give and fun to receive.