So, if your Christmas cards have all been sent and your Christmas rush is through, maybe you have a few moments to relax and make someone a last minute hand-made gift. I made this scarf several weeks ago for my best friend for her birthday, and you can make one, too–no special sewing skills required.

This was made from 1/4 yard of a sheer polyester blend decorating fabric (often used for drapery sheers).

I trimmed the edges so they were nice and clean, then sewed a zigzag stitch along each side to keep it from fraying.

Next, I printed and cut the letters for the monogram using my favorite Freezer Paper method. Read all about that here.

I found a great ivory lace at Hobby Lobby that was around 8 inches long for the ends of the scarf, plus another 1-inch ivory lace trim. Since each end of the scarf is 1/4 yard wide, it takes 1/2 yard of each lace.

I finished the edges of the lace with a small zigzag stitch, just like the fabric edge, to keep it from unravelling as well.

Then, I just pinned the wide lace and the small trim lace onto the end of the scarf and sewed…

That’s it! Hope you like it. You could also add lace and a monogram to an existing scarf for a similar look!

And whether you’re traveling, cooking, shopping, or crafting, I hope you’re enjoying and savoring these last few days before Christmas! It’ll be here soon!