So, my plan was to get the guest room makeover plan completed this summer, and have all the bits and pieces I’ve collected for it out of the garage and storage areas and into the room. But, what with all the traveling and summer fun that went on, that didn’t happen. And, lo and behold, it’s Pumpkin Spice Doughnut season at Krispy Kreme and the guest room is still not done.

BUT, I have made some progress, including window treatments, which I just finished this week, so I thought I’d give a little update on my update.

Let me start by showing this pic of the exterior…

…of what I imagine is the ideal guest house. Isn’t it adorable? Too bad it’s not mine. (Find it here at

However, that is the look and feel of what I want our guests to experience when they’re staying in our guest room. That’s why I’m calling this look Vintage Vacation Cottage-esque–or something like that.

Some of you may remember how this room looked shortly after we moved in…

Yes, it’s taking a while, but we are making some progress. The bed and desk are both thrift store finds. You can read the details of those makeovers here and here.

And the window you may remember from here. Well, that opportunity finally presented itself in the perfect spot on this wall. We removed the glass to make it less of a beast (and by “we”, I mean my husband), and then I painted it with a coat of Sherwin William’s Cloudburst, finished with a little black glaze here and there.

The bench was another coffee table makeover which I showed you here.

I’m calling the window treatments my Vintage Vacation Billboard Curtains, and they turned out to be one of my favorite elements of the room.

When pulled closed, you can see that one reads, “Vacation Cottages for Rent”, and the other says, “Enjoy Your Stay!”

The third panel on the single window, I just left plain. These were fun and easy curtains to make. Stay tuned for details and the how-to in a few days.

Another of my favorite pieces is the vintage suitcase nightstand.

This is the one I told my Facebook fans about a few months ago. I searched for weeks for just the right one before I walked into a little junk shop in town and found this one. When I asked the little old man in the shop how much he wanted for it, he said, “Honey, I know that don’t look like much, but people like to collect these things, so I can’t take less than $5 for it.” That’s when I threw the $5 bill at him and ran before he could change his mind.

I paired it with this bamboo stool that was on clearance at Marshall’s for only $8 to make a table.

I found the vintage sconces at an antique store in town for only $12 each, and added a couple of burlap shades from Hobby Lobby. The 4 shutters were part of a stack of 10 I bought several months ago for $5 from a yard sale. They were originally tan, but I gave them a coat of pale gray and then dry-brushed a few streaks of darker gray here and there to weather them a little.

My husband hung them for me and mounted the sconces directly to the shutters with industrial strength double-stick tape. The cord to the sconces slips in between the two shutters and go down behind.

The white Ikea side table is not exactly what I have in mind, but it’s standing in until I find just the right one.

You may remember the vintage mail bag pillow from this post. White duvet set was from West Elm (I’m thinking it’s sold out now–can’t find it on the site.) Zebra fabric found here. And the gray and white reversible quilt was from Marshall’s.

I’ve got a few more ideas for this room that I’m sure will turn up in my treasure hunting at some point. I’ll keep you updated. But, I hope y’all like it so far! More on thecurtains coming soon.

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