No, I didn’t back out of sending the kids back to school this week. I’m not saying it didn’t cross my mind to see if I could somehow delay it, but they went. And despite the fact that I could barely hold it together as I dropped off my Kindergartener, my 4th grader, and my two high-schoolers, I know this is what’s best for them.

So, this is not a discussion on where our kids should learn academics. I learned long ago that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for that. I would never presume to know what’s best for you or your kids. That decision can only be made by each individual family.

My kids go to school. But no matter how great an education they receive in their classrooms each day, I do not want to forget that the most influential teachers they will ever have are my husband and me.

I want them to get a grasp on the fundamental principles of mathematics. And they should be able to name the founding fathers of our country and recite the preamble to the Constitution. And it’s an absolute must that they learn the proper uses of their, there, and they’re.

But the real stuff of life is taught when they get home, like how to live right… how to forgive… how to take initiative… how to clean the bathrooms… and then how to clean them again without complaining…how to stand up for what’s right… how to scramble an egg… how to trust God in every situation…how to react to the person standing on the street corner asking for money… how to spend and save the money we make… how to share… how to say good-bye to people we love… and how to show the love of Christ to those who don’t love us.

Some of the best lessons I’ve ever learned were taught when I was riding in the car with my dad, or sitting across the living room from my mom. Like the times we practiced our manners by acting out different scenarios in the family room. And the way they turned off the TV when something inappropriate came on. It was the funny remarks said at just the right time to change the mood. It was seeing the way they treated others. And the talks about Heaven and the people waiting for us there.

My husband and I both went to public school. That was the path God had for us and there were good teachers and lessons learned there that helped make us who we are. But it will always remain that my parents were my two most influential teachers of my life.

There are no lesson plans and no written tests in our home school. That’s why I have to be prepared to teach what I know about whatever issues arise that day. My kids will learn from what I say and they will take note of how I react to the experiences we face. It’s the greatest responsibility I have at this point in my life. And I want to take advantage of the opportunities to teach them every time I have the chance.

So, wherever it is that your kids are heading back to school, don’t forget they need to be homeschooled as well. It’s how they’ll be equipped for life. There’s no better teacher for them than you. What lessons are you teaching today?