Ask pretty much any Southern girl what’s on her list of things she wants in a house, and chances are, she’ll say “a porch”. Maybe it goes back to our moms and grandmothers and all the great memories that were played out in the comfortable, breezy, rocking-chair-creaking aura of their front porch.

When my husband and I found our current house plan, it had everything we hoped to have in a house. Except a front porch. So, we requested that the architects add one on and it changed the entire look of the house. In fact, shortly after we built our house, they started selling a version of the plan that included a front porch, and I can’t help but think I gave them the idea. (We Southern girls know our stuff.)

So, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sprucing up the porch for prime porch season: Summer. And, I thought I’d share it with you all as a little reminder that welcoming design can be achieved without spending a ton of money.

I started with the front doors and brought back my basic green wreaths for the third summer in a row because I love the green as a backdrop for the summer flowers and plants around the house. This time, I hung them with a strip of burlap (stapled to the top of the door). Click here to see this basic wreath tutorial. They’re still my all-time fave. I may just keep them forever.

By the way, if you’re looking for a great plant to put in urns on the porch, look for some wave petunias in hanging baskets. They’re not just good for hanging. They’re great in tall urns and they’re so easy to grow, everyone will think you’re a gardening guru.

Right by my front door, I’ve still got my front door chalkboard, updated with a new message inspired by the eye candy I’ve gathered on my Chalkboard Art Pinterest board. Front door chalkboards are one of my favorite ways to roll out the rug of hospitality to everyone that comes to visit. These are perfect for welcoming specific house guests, writing out your house number, or spelling out a seasonal greeting. Love, love, love them. And guess what? I just added a few to my blog shop so you can get one for yourself (or for a gift for someone you really like). Click here to see what I’ve got.

Also on the porch, I’ve still got the porch furniture my mom almost hauled off to the dump lovingly passed down to me. I’m trying to squeeze one more year or two out of it before buying new. Just another example of how to stretch your decorating budget with a little coat of spray paint. Click here to see the before pics and read the makeover story of my porch furniture. Three summers and counting!

And, yes! I do have a new rug. Thanks for noticing. If you’re wondering about the painted canvas rug from last year, it didn’t stand the test of being exposed to the elements for more than one season. Moral of the story: canvas rugs do better under cover. The one on my screened porch is still looking great. Read more on that here.

But, to say I’m in love with with my new rug is an understatement. And the best part is, I made it myself. (Does anyone else out there shamelessly gush over their own projects? Okay, just me.) Anyway, I cannot wait to tell you all about it. I’ll give you the total low-down in my next post, complete with sources and a free download, so stay tuned.

Other than that, I did buy two new black square tables from Target and they work great together to make a little coffee table to hold a couple more plants and my sweet tea and my feet as I prop them up and relax on my front porch

Hope you like the little updates for the season. Wish you were here to relax and chat for a little while. See ya soon.