You know I’ve never claimed that this is a healthy recipe blog. However, I have promised to share my favorite yummy recipes no matter how nutritionally void they may be, because that’s what friends do, right? So, consider this a fair warning: the following recipe can not be classified as healthy. But it does taste delish, containing ingredients such as butter, sugar, and other yummy things that would make Paula Deen proud. So, eat up, y’all.

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

You’ll need:

8 oz. of cream cheese, softened

1 stick of butter, softened

1/4 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup powdered sugar

2 tsp. brown sugar

1 cup mini chocolate chips

chopped pecans (optional)

Mix first five ingredients together…

Then, fold in chocolate chips…

Once mixed, scoop it out onto a sheet of plastic wrap, wrap it up, and chill until firm…

Once it’s firm, form it into a ball and roll in chopped pecans or extra chocolate chips. It’s delicious served with graham crackers and strawberries.

This stuff is also great spooned into small jars and wrapped up with graham crackers as a special gift for friends, neighbors, or teachers! {Just remember to keep it chilled.}

Hope y’all enjoy this! Thanks to my friend, Cyndi, for sharing this recipe with me and letting me share it with you all.