I’m really not trying to pick on Pottery Barn, because I love them. Really, I do. But, like my new porch lanterns I showed you last week, many times we can get that great PB style without the PB price. And given the choice, I’ll choose to save money. Here’s another example for you.

These great galvanized trays from PB cost $39.50 for the large rectangular one. (I actually was able to buy last year’s version of this for around $15 at the end-of-summer clearance last year and I love it.)

But I found another little tray awhile back at Hobby Lobby for only $3.20. And since I can always use another tray, I brought it home And gave it a little makeover.

Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:

All I did was paint over the navy blue with a little Paris Gray chalk paint I had in my paint stash. The inside was already perfectly chipped and distressed.

And for the galvanized metal bottom, I used a scrap of the same sheet metal I used when I mademy daughter’s magnetic chalkboard. Remember this?

Don’t forget–it’s found in the plumbing supplies section at HD for around $10 for this large sheet. You could re-make a couple large trays from this one sheet.

And also don’t forget–always wear gloves when handling it because the edges are extremely sharp. All you need to do is measure the bottom of your tray and use tin snips to cut it to the correct size. Make sure to measure and cut exactly so that the metal fits snugly, safely surrounding the sharp edges when placed in the tray.

And that’s pretty much it!

A strong adhesive such as E6000 will hold the metal in place if it wants to pop up.

This concept can be used for almost any rectangular tray as long as the metal edge can be safely surrounded by the sides of the tray. Maybe you already have a tray around your house that would make a perfect candidate for this.

I actually already did this to a tray last year that I made over to hold my herbs. Remember this?

Can’t wait to use my new one for entertaining on the porch!

Hope you like it! I’ll be sharing this with a few of these friends!