I hope I’m not boring you to death by continuing on & on about all the projects from my daughter’s recent room makeover, but I know there were at least 1 or 2 of you who wanted more info on some of the details. So, those of you who are still awake, read on.

Today, I’m giving you the 411 on her little lamp. I admit that even after all the lamp makeovers I’ve done, my first inclination was to go out & shop for a new lamp for her when I was planning her room. But, like so many other times, I realized everything I really wanted was right under my nose. (Sounds like a quote from a cutesy coffee mug, huh?)

But, seriously, once I imagined the possibilities of the old lamp, I realized it was going to be just perfect.

This was actually this little lamp’s 2nd makeover. I wish I had a picture of the way it looked when I first found it at an antique shop years ago, but just imagine it in a gold hue with a yellowed old shade. So really, this before is actually an after, but for this case, it became a before again. (Confused yet?)

I’ve always loved that little baby cherub’s face, so I just updated it with a little color. Rustoleum’s Summer Squash, to be exact.

And here’s a little tip for spray painting lamps…cover the cord & bulb socket with foil to keep them from getting painted.

As for the shade, the toile obviously had to go, so I decided to make my own version of PB Teen’s Tuxedo Ruffle Shade. It was just what I wanted, but I’m just to cheap to pay $49 for a lamp shade.

So, instead, I started with this basic drum shade from Target, which was approximately the same size for (I think) $12.

For the ruffles, I used some plain white cotton fabric I already had on hand & cut it into 4 strips. (I cut the fabric twice the length of the circumference of the shade to allow for gathering into a ruffle.)

Then I simply made a gathering stitch up the center of each strip, & gathered it up to make the ruffle.

I then pinned it onto my lampshade & evened out the gathers.

Working in sections, I used hot glue to attach the ruffle in place.

Then, I just repeated the rows until it was done. I snipped off a few of the long loose threads, but the little ones just add more interest.

That’s all there was to it. It really was a cute little baby lamp, but I like her even better now! Hope you do, too! I’ll be linking up this lamp makeover to a few of these parties. For more lamp re-vamps, click here.