Don’t bother asking me what I had for lunch last Tuesday, because heaven knows I can’t remember. But ask me what we did for Christmas in 2002 or even 1997 & I can tell you all about it. Not because of my crazy-good memory, but because of my Christmas Journal.I pack it away with the Christmas decorations each year, then get it out again & look through it each year, remembering Christmases past.I started writing it the year our son was born and have kept it going every year since. In it, I write a few pages each year, highlighting all the major events that happened from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Everything from parties and plays to who came to visit, where we went, what we gave, & what we got. It’s a gift from me to myself & my family that becomes more valuable with each passing year.It’s just a simple spiral-bound journal, and on the inside cover, I added this little Mary Engelbreit print with a quote from Charles Dickens…It’s a Christmas tradition I’m glad I started so many years ago. If you don’t do this already, this would be a great year to start! It’s the perfect gift to give yourself. And it’s a great gift idea to give to a young couple as well. What’s your favorite yearly Christmas tradition?