The funny thing about kids is that when you give them bedrooms, they usually want to actually live in them. And decorate them using their own ideas that reflect their interests. And show off their collections and knick-knacksanddo-dadsandsuch. And this can really cramp the style of moms who dream of neat-as-a-pin, straight-from-our-favorite-design-catalogs, totally unrealistic kids’ rooms. (Not that I know this from experience or anything.)

But, really, it can be challenging sometimes when trying to come up with design solutions for kids’ rooms that work for both kidsandparents. I’ve recently been working on a few projects in my son’s roomandI’m happy to announce that we have come up with a look that works for both of us.

He’s such a great kid with lots of different interests that I wanted to incorporate into his space. He’s a Boy Scout, history buff, basketballandsoccer player, loves to read, loves to collect things (especially Coke memorabilia), and has a few sentimental pieces he wants to display as well. It’s a challenging mix, but we’ve slowly, but surely, pulled together a room that reflects the many different aspects of his lifeandpersonalityandfeels like a cool, comfortable space for him.

One of the most recent additions came about when I found two vintage basketball rims at Goodwill a few weeks ago. With my design ideasandmy husband’s man power, we created a couple of backboards that have turned out to be one of our favorite elements of the room. Stay tuned for details on how they were made in a later post.

We used vintage pennants that my brother collected when he was little to make a colorful statement on one wall…

And his book shelf holds his Hardy Boys book collectionanda large ship that belonged to my husband’s grandfather…

An old Coke crate works as a shelf to hold a few Coca-Cola bottles from his collection…

And his Boy Scout Merit Badge poster hangs by his desk…

Remember this USA chalkboard? He puts it to good use with his “To-do” lists. We added a shelf above it with his mini busts of presidents that show his love for history.

I bought him this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids several years ago, but it’s still in such great shapeandworks so well in the room, we’re sticking with it. I made a couple of new throw pillows with varsity numbers for a little update.

I had such a great time doing this room for himandhe is loving it.

As for the keeping it neat-as-a-pin part, he’s doing a pretty good job with that so farandI’m loving that.

Hope you like it , too! I’ll be sharing his room with some of these parties. Check them out!

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