I’ll admit it took some courage to take the plunge & just go for it last January when I first discovered the Color of Fun & used it on a piece in the game room. But, I did it, & it has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces in the house. It just makes me smile. And it’s been a reader favorite as well. I’ve seen it featured here and there & get pinned to Pinterest now and then. And with all that exposure has come a few critics. And that’s okay. I’ve learned that’s the price of being bold.But the funny thing about being bold is that once you’ve done it, it gives you the nerve to be bold again. And then you’ll find yourself doing things like choosing to paint an armoire the Color of Fun, rather than just cautious white. And then you might even find that the Festival Green was so fun, you’ll give it a dose of Aquarium to go with it. Kinda like I did for this piece for my daughter’s closet recently.{Aquarium by Sherwin Williams}And once you’ve tasted eclecticism, you might start trying even more daring things like using 3 different kinds of hardware on the same piece.{Hardware by Anthropologie & Hobby Lobby}So, the message for the day is “Lose your fear to be bold.” Let the critics say what they will. Don’t miss out on the fun that comes with being bold because you’re hiding behind your white. Remember the Golden Rule of Decorating: Do unto your home what works for you. (Nevermind that I just made that up–it’s still true!) If you really love some thing or some color, find a way to work it into your space–even if it’s going to stay in the closet. And if white is what you love, go with it. But don’t let it be because you’re scared of bold. How have you been bold lately?

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