Like many of you, I love a good thrift store makeover. It’s so much fun to see that little something in its pitiful state and know in your heart that you were sent there to rescue it. And so you take it home, remove all traces of what it used to be, & give it a new life. And thereby, beautifying the world, one little makeover at a time.

And then, once in a great, great while, you find that little something that’s actually just right just how it is. It’s so fabulous, even you cannot improve upon it. {cough, cough}

Recently, I had one of those days. I walked into the store, & there sat this little beauty.

In my current favorite color.

For only $13.

It was just perfect the way it was. I wouldn’t need to change a thing.

Okay, I did have to change the lamp shade to a new burlap one from Target because the other one was dated & falling apart. But other than that one little tweak, I didn’t have to change a thing.

For now, it’s at home in my entry in front of my Wall of Doors. Did I mention I love the color?

What have you not made over lately?