Here it is Halloween & for some of you up in the Northeast, that apparently means it’s the beginning of winter. We’ve been feeling some cool temps here in Tennessee the past few days as well, so it’s that time of year for a scarf or neck warmer.

I recently made some from felt, and they were so easy, I thought some of you might like them as well.

Start with 1/4 of a yard of 72″ wide felt, and cut approximately 8″ off of one end.

Then, simply sew on a couple of buttons onto one end of the “scarf” and carefully cut some button holes into the other end.

At this point, you’ve spent less than ten minutes on a great little neck warmer. Just wrap it twice around your neck, button it up and you’re done.

Or, you can choose to wear it another way by creating a matching felt flower pin from the extra 8″ you cut off.

To do this, cut a circle approximately 3 inches in diameter. Then, cut about 30 leaf-shaped petals approximately 2.5 inches long.

Then, just hot-glue them on in layers, overlapping them as you go, using the same technique as you would for a felt flower pillow.

To make the center, fold 2 of the petals in half, placing a dot of glue in the fold to hold it together, then stand them up and glue them into the center.

Glue a pin mechanism onto the back and you can wear it with what ever you want.

To make a child’s version, just cut the felt to the length needed to best fit them.

Hope you like this! It’s the perfect idea for a simple, homemade Christmas gift. And since each of these only cost about $3 to make, it’s great for any budget.

Have fun with them. I’m linking up with a few of these parties!