I love a cute floral arrangement in a pumpkin this time of year, but I’ll be honest– I’m not a fan of the mess that comes with carving pumpkins!  (My husband is always in charge of jack-o-lantern carving and he loves it!)  So I recently tried a little different method for a cute pumpkin arrangement and it worked out perfectly!




If you’ve been to the Dollar Tree in the fall, you’ve most likely seen these bright orange beauties.  Well, it turns out that these are very easy to “carve” because they’re actually hollow.


A simple kitchen knife cut around d the top will open it up nicely and you have all kinds of potential for a floral container!





Since I wanted mine white, I started our by giving it a couple coats of basic white craft paint.




And then, to give it more of a natural pumpkin color, I finished with a coat of Light Buttermilk to give it a little creamy hue.



Next, I just used a basic plastic punch cup inserted into the hole for the perfect container for the flowers and water!  (Hint: you can use the top of the cup as a little pattern for cutting when you start if you need to)







Once the pumpkin is ready, the possibilities are endless for the arrangements that you can do!  I love mixing real and faux flowers, so I went with a couple of options with this combo!  First, purple mums and a cabbage along with some filler and a faux succulent…






And next with some faux greenery along with roses and some yellow filler…




And lastly, I had to try it with a succulent as well.  So super easy and a totally different look!





I love how versatile these pumpkins can be for different arrangements!  And they can be used year after year with no more messy carving (hallelujah!) These would be a great option for banquets, parties and fall weddings!  Hope you like these!  I’d love to see how you use yours!