I guess this is the part when I should make a confession. I’ve got lots of quirks. Thankfully, I don’t have the time or backbone to list them all out for you right now. But I will tell you one of them as a little background for this project. Ready? Here it is: I’m not a dog person.There. I said it. And before I get lots of flack from the dog-loving population, let me explain. I’m really more of a faux dog person. It’s not that I have anything against dogs. In fact, I think they’re adorable, sweet, & loyal. And I know there are dogs out there that are nicer than most people. No, it’s not that I don’t like dogs. I just don’t want one in the family. I know. I’m a terrible mom. My kids beg ’til they’re blue in the face, but I just can’t do it. And the real bottom-line reason is that I’m too lazy to have one more “child” to clean up after & take care of & take to the doctor & so on & so on. And I know I’m also afraid of getting attached. We’d fall in love with it. And then we’d all be heartbroken if something happened to the dog. And then the kids would be scarred for life. See? It’s just better this way.But, the irony of it all is that I’m a sucker for dog decor. I can’t resist a doggy on a pillow or a coffee cup or a painting of a poodle. I know. Quirky.So, of course I was gaga when I received Restoration Hardware’s Baby & Child catalog recently & saw their dog pillows. (By the way, if you haven’t seen the catalog, check it out online here. It’s full of great inspiration!)Aren’t they adorable? And (sorry Restoration Hardware), just too easy to replicate.Here’s my version:Want one for yourself? Here’s a super-simple how-to.I thought the perfect fabric for these pillows would be a man’s shirt. (Did you see what I made last time I raided my husband’s closet?)I found a nice blue striped one for a great deal at Goodwill. I just washed & dried it, then measured out the size of my pillow insert & cut the shirt.The back of the shirt became the top of the pillow. To add the doggy to that piece, I simply printed out a silhouette from the internet, cut out the pattern in black felt, & followed the instructions for Heat N Bond to appliqué it onto the pillow top.For added detail, I added a ribbon collar & an ear, also adhered with the Heat N Bond.Once the doggy was on, I just placed the pillow pieces right sides together & sewed around all 4 sides. This could possibly be the easiest pillow ever. You could use this method for all kinds of pillows!Then, I unbuttoned the back, turned it inside out & pressed with an iron. Lastly, I inserted the pillow, buttoned it back up & it was done!I love how the back turned out, too, with a cute little pocket still intact.I made 2 of them & they are just right on my craft room window seat. (You can see more about that here.)These would be sooooo cute in a little boy’s room as well. And they’d make great gifts for real dog-people or faux dog-people like myself.Funny thing was, when Lola & I were admiring the new pillows & taking a few pics, we noticed this little guy peeking in at us, wondering what we were up to. I couldn’t help but think he’d be so cute on a pillow.Did I ever mention I’m a faux cat person? Sharing these pillows at a few of these parties. Check them out!