If you’ve never grown your own herbs, you have no idea what you are missing out on. They add a whole new dimension to your favorite dishes & they smell absolutely amazing. I’m like a crazy woman lately, sniffing my herbs every time I walk by them. {Love!} They’re also a great summer design element in your kitchen or outdoor space!Click here for info on growing herbs, then when you get them home, you can remind yourself which ones are which with these cute little aluminum markers.I made them using an aluminum baking pan and a pencil. {I love this technique. Someday I’ll show you some other ways to use it.} Just use scissors to cut out the flat pieces of the pan. FYI: you’ll also be sharpening your scissors when cutting the foil…I love multi-tasking!Next, cut the shape of marker that you want. I made a little flag.Now, the fun part. Using a sharp pencil, write the name of the herb on the aluminum. Place it on top of a magazine or other semi-soft surface for best results.Next, make the pick using a bamboo skewer. (These are a staple in my craft room–I use them for all kinds of things!) Lay the tag face down & just wrap the side of the aluminum around the back of the skewer. Add a dot of hot glue to keep it from sliding up & down.Aren’t these so easy? And I love how they look in my pots! Now, go get your herbs & make your markers. And stay tuned…soon I’ll be sharing some great recipes for cooking with them. Sharing this project with some of these peeps!