Do you have something in your closet you haven’t worn in awhile, but just can’t seem to get rid of it? I’ve actually got several pieces like that. I think I’m just hoping if I hold onto them long enough they may just come back in style. What goes around comes around, right? And sometimes they might “come around” a little faster if you give them a little help.Take my little khaki jacket, for example:I’d thought about wearing it a few times lately on these cool Spring days, but everytime I got it out, it seemed a little too blah.So, instead of giving up on it, I gave it a little update. I had a feeling it might be a good candidate for a ruffle, so I got out my handy-dandy scrap canvas I always have on hand from my drop cloth projects, & went to work.I wanted about a 2-inch ruffle, so I cut a long strip of the canvas about 40 inches long by 2 & 1/2 inches wide. To save myself from having to sew up the raw edge of the fabric, I decided to use the selvage edge. (This is the edge of the fabric that is self-finished so it doesn’t unravel, & sometimes has the fabric name or content printed on it.)Then I took the cut strip & sewed a wide gathering stitch up the cut edge. Pulling the gathering strings, I was able to create the ruffle.I gathered it up to the length I needed to fit where I wanted it, then folded over & sewed the ends of the ruffle (top & bottom) for a nice finish.After that, I just pinned it in place & sewed it on.That was it! I also removed the belt & pinned on a flower & suddenly, I liked it again. The hardest part of this entire project was trying to take a photo of myself wearing it! I’m terrible at self photography. But, I hope you get the idea.Got a piece in your closet that needs a little update? Give this a try! It’s easy!I’m sharing this with a few of these friends.Visit