I love the feeling of progress being made, no matter how small, & we’ve recently made some progress in the library that involved removing several boxes of books that have been just sitting there for the past year & a half, waiting for some built-in bookshelves to magically appear. Since I can’t find my magic wand, and I haven’t been able to convince my husband to spend the money to have the book shelves built anytime soon, I was able to convince him to at least move them to storage. (Yay!!!)Plus, it also helped that we recently acquired this little piece, which is actually not so little:I honestly couldn’t have even imagined a better file cabinet for this library & I wasn’t even really looking for one. But, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of ours asked my husband if we wanted to have it (yes, it was FREE), & he brought it home one day to my absolute elation. You know I am normally pretty good about showing you “before” pics when I do furniture re-do’s, but my husband was so excited about this one, he actually had it cleaned up & moved in before I even had a chance to snap some pics.He didn’t have to do a lot to it. It was just dusty & the finish was dulled, so he cleaned it up & then used some Minwax Finishing Paste & it turned out perfectly. Did I mention I love this piece in here?It goes so well with my other new element in the room for which I have many of you to thank! So here’s a big fat “thank you” to those of you who signed up for Ebates at my recommendation several months ago. The bonuses I received from those of you who signed up, combined with the cash back I received from my online Christmas shopping was just enough money for me to buy this new rug for the library. In fact, I had exactly 60¢ left over after the purchase. Love that! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m loving it. What do you think?Several of you have told me how thrilled you are to have found Ebates & you’ve been racking up your own bonuses by telling your friends about it! And just in case you missed that post about signing up, you can sign up anytime by clicking here.In other library news, I’ve been dating this little lamp for a few days (read more about my dating history here), but I’m getting ready to break it off. I just think I’m needing a little more color in my life for this desk. Black desk + black chair + black lamp = too much black. Don’t you agree?Let me know what you think of my latest progress! If you want to see other projects I’ve done in this room, click here. And check out some of these sites I’m linking to.